Influence Processes a Leadership Analysis

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  • Published : July 25, 2010
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William Scott
Influence Processes: A Leadership Analysis
Leadership & Ethics for Managers
June 1, 2008

A leader’s ability to influence and motivate followers is a crucial skill that effective leaders must possess. This is why organizations allow leaders to control many of the operational functions of the organization. By controlling several key operational components, the leader is able to direct and institute change throughout the organization. The purpose of this paper is to analyze leader influence models and present the practical implications of their use.

Influence Processes: A Leadership Analysis
In order to be an effective leader, a leader must be able to influence followers to comply and prescribe to their organizational vision. Leaders are able to influence an organization by directing decisions, controlling resources, providing rewards, approving promotions, and modeling expected behaviors (Nahavandi, 2006). By controlling these influence processes, leaders are able to effect organizational change and create the heart and soul of the organization. Direct Decisions:

When a leader has control of decisions they can mold and shape the vision, mission, culture, and strategy of the organization (Nahavandi, 2006). Since the leader is responsible for the overall health of an organization, leaders are empowered with these tools to maintain or effect organizational change. The key component to direct decision making is standardization and consistency because without this the leader may be sending mixed signals throughout the organization and this can breed feelings of confusion and contempt. Resource Control:

Another form of influence that leaders wield is that of resource control. By controlling resource allocations leaders are able to control and direct the organization (Nahavandi, 2006). Resource control empowers the leader by providing them with the power to increase, decrease, or stop funding inefficient...
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