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The persons who has a positive influence in my life are my parents. They influence me by being a strong minded role models and never given up hope through my teenager stage and helping me choosing the right path. My parents are originally from a country of communist and had fled to find freedom. They went through a lot of conflicts and was held captive in refugee camp before they came to America. When they arrive in America with no knowledge and not even fluent with English language, they still manage to survive in a country that their not familiar with and still uphold to raise a family.

Since I was a kid my parents had told me story’s about how they struggle to come to America . One of the story that really touch me so much was how my parents was held captive in the refugee camps with my sister when she was about 4 years old at the time. The camp was with fill with people with illness and disease and where survival for food was really not much for each family. They were like slave’s where they had to do a lot of manual hard labor work. They stay in the camp for 4 month’s before they were release to come to America. How the story was base and told by my parents really influence me to do well and to be a strong minded person like them that will help me make the right choices in life.

During my teenager years I was going through life like as some teenager would go through. Peer pressure was among myself where I was hitting rock bottom. Things wasn’t really looking great at the time. I was hanging with the wrong crowd that almost cost me to drop out during my junior year in high school. I still can remember when me and my mother and brother was in the principle office where we was going to my a choice that would effects our lives forever. She had looked at both of us and ask if we just wanted to just drop out and I can see in her eyes that she was really disappointed with us. While I was sitting there thinking and remembering how much struggle my parents had...
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