Influence on the Daily Lives of University Students by the Policies of Environmental Protection Implemented by the Universities in Hong Kong

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Research Topic

Influence on the daily lives
university students by the policies
environmental protection
implemented by
the universities
Hong Kong

Acknowledgements/ i

Research Topic/ii

Contents/ iii

List of Tables and Figures & List of Appendixes/ v

Abstract/ vi

CHAPTER 1: Introduction/ 1

1.1 Related Liberal Studies Curriculum/ 1
1.2 Background of Environmental Protection/ 1
1.3 Environmental Protection in Educational Organisation/ 1 1.4 University Students Daily Lives on Environmental Protection/ 2 1.5 Focus Questions/ 3

CHAPTER 2: Literature Review/ 4

2.1Awareness of Environmental Protection/ 4
2.2Environmental Protection Education by Government and Universities/ 5 2.3Summary/ 7

CHAPTER 3: Research Methodology/ 8

3.1Research Aim and Approach/ 8
3.2Design of Questionnaires/ 9
3.3Methodology of Data Analysis/ 10

CHAPTER 4: Data Description and Analysis / 12

4.1Background Information of Research Participants/ 12
4.2The Difference of Students’ Willingness Taking Green Measures before and after Beginning their University Studies / 13 4.3Comparison of the Result by Different Parameters/ 15
4.4Effectiveness of University Policies towards Students’ Environmental Awareness/ 19 4.5Factors Affecting Students’ Willingness in Taking Green Measures/ 243 4.6Research Limitations/ 29
4.7Summary/ 30

CHAPTER 5: Conclusion/ 31

5.1Summary of the Findings/ 31
5.2Key Limitation and Recommendation/32
5.3Suggestion for Further Research/ 33

Personal Reflection/ 34
Bibliography/ 35
Appendix/ 37

List of Figures
| Title| Page|
Figure 1| Framework of the Research| 11|
Figure 2a| Accommodation of University Students| 12|
Figure 2b| Time of Students Studying in University| 13|
Figure 3a & 3b| Students’ Awareness towards Taking “Green” Actions| 14| Figure 4| Students’ Accommodation & their Environmental Behaviour| 15| Figure 5| Students’ Time Studying in University & their Environmental Behaviour| 18| Figure 6a, 6b, 6c| Students’ Awareness towards University Policies| 20| Figure 6d| Opinion of Students towards the Effectiveness of University Policies| 21| Figure 7a,7b| The Table Showing the Number of Students’ Frequency in Taking the Actions of Recycling On-campus/ Off-campus| 25| Figure 7c, 7d| The Table Showing the Number of Students’ Frequency in Taking the Actions Related to Air-conditioning On-campus/ Off-campus| 26| Figure 8| The Table Showing the Number of Students Bringing their own Shopping Bags| 27| Figure 9| Model Predicting Environmental Behaviours of an Individual| 29|

List of Appendixes
| Title| Page|
Appendix I| Questionnaires for Students Studying at CUHK| 37| Appendix II| Questionnaires for Students Studying at HKU| 41| Appendix III| Questionnaires for Students Studying at City U| 45|

In recent years, the Hong Kong government has been paying much attention to the future development of Hong Kong and the sustainable living of the citizens. The government, therefore, supports and collaborates with the universities in Hong Kong to promote the importance of environmental protection amongst the students - whom are considered as the future pillars of our society. In this research, it is crucial to investigate the way in which the implementation of the university policies influences the daily lives of university students.

Subjective responses collected from the university students were analysed quantitatively. This intends to investigate the way they change their environmental behaviours before and after starting their university studies, aiming to test the research question of how the implementation of university policies affects students’ environmental behaviours.

The collected responses show that the implementation of university environmental policies does influence the students’...
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