Influence of the Media.

Topics: Advertising, Mass media, Physical attractiveness Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Influence of the Media.
Advertising in the media can have a huge impact on both men and women. In the movie Killing us Softly 4 (2010), Dr. Kilbourne suggests that the media sends out the message that success in life requires attractiveness, a perfect body, money, and sexual performance. Dr. Kilbourne investigated whether this is emphasized in both male and female and the in truth it is. This image of perfection is unattainable. This in turn creates a market for the companies selling those unachievable images. Media does influence both men and women. Current wisdom is correct about stereotypes of media messages and the degree to which such stereotypes exist in ads. For women too thin, perfect body, focusing on maintaining youth, focusing on physical appearance, and sexual attractiveness. For men muscular body, importance of money, cult of toughness, sexual Attractiveness. Dr. Kilbourne provides evidence that show advertisers create unachievable desires that help to drive product use. In the media ads are focusing on people's desires, the ads are able to market products and ideas which set people up for failure and frustrations. People then try to solve their frustrations by purchasing items to solve their problems. This is a sales tactic to create consistent return by customers who continue to buy.

Media and advertising does have its affect on me. It influences, particularly people my age the youths. Many of the programs that we watch today send the message that a conflict always involves a winner and a loser. Which in turn makes feel like we have to compete for everything. For example the ways in which we dress, talk, behave, and think. The media and advertising make me feel like I need the latest fashion, cell phone, app, and try the newest foods from the fast food joints like il be left behind by society if I don't stay current in those sectors of my life. Makes me see myself as greedy because now are days having enough isn't enough. This is how I...
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