Influence of Social Networking

Topics: Social network service, Sociology, Internet Pages: 3 (1027 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Social Networking and Life
According to Joanna Brenner from Pew Internet, 67% of Americans have some sort of social network. The mixed blessing of social networking has grown so much over the years, from having basic email to instant messaging, MySpace and now Facebook, Instagram Twitter and another hundred more. Some see social networking as a way to keep in touch with long lost friends or family members, others to kill time, and entertain themselves for a short amount of time. Social networking is good in other ways. For example, it’s really easy to report important news and amber alerts through the internet. Messages can be sent in a second and be viewed by hundreds of people in minutes. Although social networking has a lot of benefits there are also many downsides to the situation, some people misuse social networking, making it dangerous for the basic things of life like, education, employment, and society itself.

Throughout time, more and more people are getting involved with social networking, and figuring the wonders of it. Some of this people are very important when it comes to education. Thousands of students throughout the world apply for scholarships, grants and loans. Now that social networking has become so important, colleges administration are using this media to go through students Facebooks. In search to find signs of illegal behavior. Such as plagiarism, or vulgarities. In fact, according to, 35% of college admission officers found illegal behavior going on, resulting negatively on the students admission chances.

Social networking is a big distraction to students. Some students exceed the amount spent on the internet and use it during class, making impossible to pay attention. At home, students may find it difficult to study. With often searching answers in the web, people could be tempted to browse for a “few seconds” their facebook or twitter. This eventually leads to spending hours on the web, doing everything except...
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