Influence of Religion

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  • Published : June 21, 2012
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Influence of Religion on Developing Societies
Linda Randolph
HIS 103 World Civilizations 1
Instructor: Robert Solomon
October 30, 2011

Before Jesus Christ, people in early civilization have been looking for the one who is going to bring hope, peace, and someone strong and not weak. Religion has had an effect on society, it will always be important in our life because of Christianity. Christianity and Islam are the two most popular religions. They are different but the same in origin. Throughout history religion has had an effect on society. (Religion and Public Policy 2011)

The role of religion in society is “Sacramental” and “Secular” cultures. Sociologist have been interested in looking at the relationship between religious involvement and human behavior, a study on protestant Ethnic and the Spirit of Capitalism in Weber 1958. The study documented how Protestantism, Calvinist theology, it helped foster a ideology and orientation that led to the legit ionization of the capitalist made of production in the west. The study used data from the 1993/94, Demographic an health survey to explore interrelationship between religious affiliation and women’s educational attainment, it was used to capture the interplay between state religion and female educational achievement to access whether religion influenced the acquisition of some education among women born during three different time periods. Religion is an important source of values and beliefs that influence the ways people see the world and how they live their lives. Many scientists are rebels when it comes to religion, they and scholars recognize that teaching the values and beliefs people hold depend not on only religious teachings they hear but on their cultural and personal experiences. Relationships between religious values and ethnics in developing countries and mainstream development theories. Religion has not declined, it continues to...
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