Influence of Organized Crime on Society

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  • Published : April 12, 2007
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I have done my research on "The Influence of Organized Crime on Society." Organized crime is a global enterprise, a well oiled business machine that reaches all around the world from Japan to Russia to North America. The purpose of my research is to show the influence of this crime on the everyday lives of people who are not involved in it. In North America there are so many organized crime groups it is hard to keep up with them and even harder to fight their influence, from the Sicilian Mafia to Hells Angels to Chinese Triads it would take an army to fight them all.

All organized crime groups operate in basically the same fashion, they are "nonideological, hierarchical, limited or exclusive in membership, perpetuitous, organized through specialization or division of labour, monopolistic and governed by rules and regulations." (Abadinsky, Howard) They are like the army with their hierarchy and have their own government that rewards and punishes the members. Punishment is necessary in the hierarchy of an organized crime group to keep order, they can not have members becoming government witnesses because that would sink their whole enterprise. That is also why there is limited membership with these groups, to lower the risk of "rats." Most organized crime organizations have rules that state a member can not kill a police officer or regular citizen, so most of the murder that goes on in these organizations is within the members. The criminals kill other criminals, not innocent people. This makes you think if you should actually try to stop this if they are just getting rid of themselves. Their goal is to have a monopoly over certain industries so that they can more easily control them. If they control a whole industry then nobody can stop them from doing what they want to do, like raising prices for instance. An example of this is the waste removal industry in New York city and the surrounding area, the residents of New York pay the absolute highest rates in...
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