Influence of Music on Children

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Music has negative impact on children

I was only thirteen years old when I moved from my country, Afghanistan. America was so new to me and I quickly found myself caught up in the fresh and modern culture. My first experience with American music was memorable. Being in a new environment I felt lost, confused and just needed to find some comfort. For me, it’s music. Turning on the local radio station I was immediately drawn to the fast past beat and it pulled me in. I begin repeating the lyrics from the song in as best English as I could and dancing around. In the other room my mother met with our new social worker, Beth. As I was taking in the new culture, the music, Beth rushes in and her face lit up with shock. I looked to her “blink, blink”, I couldn’t understand what she was saying. Grabbing for the radio, Beth rushed to turn off the fast paced beat. Not knowing, I was confused and scared that I had not followed the American culture. The language barrier made it hard to understand what was going to come next but I could tell from Beth’s facial expression that I was in big trouble. The interpreter explained what I had been repeating “Birthday sex, explode my mind” was extremely inappropriate song coming from a thirteen year old. Faric was my native language and I didn’t know a single word of English. However, ever since then I’ve been more cautious as to what I’m listening to and what lyrics I’m repeating. Looking back, Beth was trying to protect me from her bad-mouthed music culture. Understanding that America is so multicultural, I can relate to the immigrant children who are drawn to beat of Hip Hop. Unless their parents or social worker, as in my case, protect them from this negative language, they will grow up living by this music and it disapproving lessons. As I’ve grown up and have become more aware of the English language I’ve experienced a great deal of negative and positive. In my observation, I’ve noticed people who listen to...
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