Influence of Music

Topics: Learning, Baroque music, Psychology Pages: 4 (1567 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Marquez Sykes
Mrs. Tosh
Period 6/8
English 3 research paper

Influence of music

Theodore Rice, a local Chicago resident was asked about his lifestyle on Fox News and one of his comments were, "Music made me who I am". Music is often deemed as “bad” or “corrupt” due to its lyrics and style. It is even said that some artist’s music has hidden lyrics when played backwards or slow. I personally think that people are just looking for flaws and just making reasons to criticize music. It has been tested and proved that music does affect human behavior depending on how open the person is to music. Meaning if they are not willing to let music change the way they act, live, talk and think then it will not and vice versa. While some people claim music is bad, it is a form of expression for others. Music is a way of life, one can relate to music. Music influences our moods, if I listen to a happy song it picks me up. Music teachers believe that it brings a positive attitude and discipline in their student’s life. Music can influence people by the music alone or in combination with lyrics. Music may invoke certain feelings or memories. Many people can associate a song to a particular period of their lives. Though music has its flaws and SOME of it is explicit people shouldn’t bad mouth it, because one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Many people say that rap is bad, rap has a negative influence, rap is for low life’s, and even, and rap is the root of all crime. “Rap is definitely horrible with its lyrics. They have an extremely bad influence on the youth. There are just too many kids in my school that keep implying that being "black" is "cool". Most girls are now always referred to as ’sluts’. I've heard that there is underground rap that is not as much about being a gangster and stuff, but people just make rap for the money, so they only make stuff about negative things as an above poster mentioned. Also I just can’t stand listening to rap, and it...
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