Influence of Internet and Information Technology

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June 2003

Influence of Internet and Information Technology on Work and Human Resource Management Peter Baloh and Peter Trkman Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Internet has transformed our lives and the way we communicate, how we learn, how we work and spend free time, in essence – it has more or less changed every aspect of human society one can think of. This paper deals with the influence of Internet and information technology on work and human resource management. It observes main novelties and (inevitably coming) changes in areas of staffing, motivating and leading and discusses possible adaptations of organization and business. To discover the mentioned changes and consequences, firstly we try to broadly assert present condition in the field, both globally and in Slovenia, and outline promising future trends. Finally, combining that with elements of humanresource management we try to predict basic consequences that IT will have on the way employees are rewarded and the way new employees are acquired. Keywords human resource management, knowledge economy, Internet and IT

Internet has transformed our lives and the way we communicate, how we learn, how we work and spend free time, in essence – it has more or less changed every aspect of human society one can think of. The significance of the Internet and information technology (IT) in both business and private field has grown considerably in the last years, with exponential growth of Internet users and services offered. Undoubtedly it also affected organizations' employees and their workplaces in job design, cond itions of work and other (numerous) ways: "Future prosperity is likely to hinge on the use of scientific and technical knowledge, the management of information and the provision of services. The future will depend more on brains than brawn," (Barley, 1996: xvii). Since – in today's business environment – people and their knowledge are company's key assets, it is obvious and expected of each company to be aware and prepared for such changes. Not only (or not at all) are the IT specialists ones that should be aware of the new trends and understand them, but also (or even first and foremost) the managers. The intention of this paper is to present some ways for a company to adapt to emerging changes. A continuous monitoring of environment and prompt reaction to existing (and coming) challenges can Material published as part of these proceedings, either on-line or in print, is copyrighted by Informing Science. Permission to make assure a long-term survival of most of today's digital or paper copy of part or all of these works for personal or companies. At that, coverage of the paper is not classroom use is granted without fee provided that the copies are not made or distributed for profit or commercial advantage AND focused on "dot com" (internet) companies rather that copies 1) bear this notice in full and 2) give the full citation on than on "ordinary" (traditional) companies. the first page. It is permissible to abstract these works so long as credit is given. To copy in all other cases or to republish or to post on a server or to redistribute to lists requires specific permission from the publisher at

The goal of the paper is to observe what positive and negative consequences the Internet and in-

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Influence of Internet and Information Technology

formation technology itself have in the field human-resource managing, chiefly how it can be used for acquiring new employees, motivating and leading. Also observed is, what outcomes we can expect from the use of Internet and IT in discussed field in the future and what are the possibilities for management and exploitation of the (inevitable) coming changes. To discover the mentioned...
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