Influence of Iliad to Heroes in Todays World

Topics: Harry Potter, Hero, Achilles Pages: 5 (2049 words) Published: October 19, 2011
The Influence of the Iliad on Individuals
The classical hero is a timeless description of human beings all around the world. Not only is it part of some human’s nature; it is used as a source of entertainment for people as well. The classical hero is seen both in the Iliad, as we have discussed, and in today’s world every day and in most cases everywhere. Heroes are seen today in TV shows, novels, movies, sports, in politics, and on the news, etc. As an audience, we love to study the classical hero whether we’re watching something or reading a novel or story about one. It always seems to be exhilarating because it’s part of our nature. The story of the hero motivates individuals to want to be like that person and strive to help others as well, and you see that more and more in today’s world than 20 or 30 years ago. The classical hero is such an amazing thing to study and at any time period, the concepts of the hero in the Iliad influenced the heroes of today’s world in a very impactful way. In today’s world, media has a huge influence on public belief and most households in the United States have at least one television. Now when watching television if you focus on the points of many of the shows on various channels, they all have aspects of the classical hero in them. For example, you see T.V. shows that involve super heroes like superman in Smallville, which is a newer version of what we watched in class, or even shows like CSI or Law and Order have aspects of classical heroes in them. In a lot of shows that depict real life situations, you see people who act like heroes by saving someone or making the ethical situation that betters the community they are apart of. Now in those types of shows like CSI or Law and Order you don’t get all of the facets of the classical hero like an unusual birth or special parents because in most circumstances you have no way of knowing that but you get the aspect of them saving someone which I see as a civil hero. Along with television shows that bring out heroes, you see daily stories on the news whether it’s NBC or CBS or any of them, some of their stories include details of a citizen saving someone’s life or people’s lives. A classic example is if a child falls down on subway tracks and a human being jumps down and saves them before the train comes. That is an example of a hero but only part of what the Iliad demonstrates and influenced. Something else we watch are sports. In the events of sports, the same type of feature of the hero is demonstrated. All sports fans love to see their team win and it is always an awesome thing to watch when their favorite player makes a play at the end of the game to win it for the team. The same part of the hero Achilles when the army counted on him is depicted in today’s sports world. People depend on the team’s best player to make the vital plays needed in order to win. You see it in every sport whether its football, basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse every one. Now when your watching your not thinking about the Iliad or how it influenced sports or in what ways it is similar but if you sit and think about it there are many similarities. In a basketball sense, the way Miami Heat fans depended on Lebron James to make the winning plays in the fourth quarter is like how they wanted and needed Achilles to come and help out their nation in a time of war. You see the aspect of the redeemer hero in both examples because in basketball Lebron can make a bad play but then come back and make up for he did wrong and win the game. Achilles left and then redeemed himself by coming back to the war and helping them with his unbelievable skill. For children around the world there have been comic books and cartoons for years. They love watching the cartoons of Spiderman or Batman when they become a redeemer hero by saving the city from the evils or criminals that are trying to destroy the city. It is in human nature for us to want to...
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