Influence of Facebook on Marriage

Topics: Facebook, Divorce, Social media Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Since the advent of social networking, a lot of controversies have surfaced regarding its application in matters concerning everyday life. Social media, although perceived by users as one of the greatest socio - communicative tools that technology has ever invented, still remains a debatable issue. Whilst the majority of users are contented with the therapeutic influence gained from interacting with people of similar causes and ideas ,irrespective of their race, faith, and belief, one cannot ignore the adverse effects that social media has brought about due to the unlimited access it furnishes to certain scrupulous characters. Facebook is one of the most popular social media. Created in February 2007 by Mark Zuckerberg , Facebook offers an appealing , user- friendly forum to its users popularly known as "Facebook-friends". It provides open access for communication and interaction between its users irrespective of age, race, nationality or status. Even though there have been instances of privacy breaches of users, Facebook remains one of the most sought -after and frequently used interactive media tools. In recent times , social networking has been directly linked to the upward growth in social - related issues such as divorce. Before the arrival of social media, the United States alone accounted for 3.4% per 1000 . . According to statistics , Facebook accounts for 1 in 5 divorces. Couples disguise themselves under aliases in order to carry out on-line relationship ( Cyber flirting). Marriage counselors view cyber flirting via social media like Facebook as the first step towards cheating, separation and consequently divorce. Most couples engage in cyber-flirting under the harmless pretext of “chatting”. This trend does not only end with the termination of the marital contract but also degenerates further in an unhealthy exchanges via Facebook between the estranged couples or their friends . In certain parts of the world, even...
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