Influence of Entertainment Media

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Influence of Entertainment Media
Diamond R. Nester
April 23, 2013
Andrea Signor

Entertainment is a fun, enjoyable, leisure activity for consumers to amuse their time with. People do what they need to survive, meet their basic needs, and can fill up the rest of their time with entertainment. Therefore, it is no wonder that the media is able to invade entertainment such as film, television, Internet, books, games, and music, to aggressively persuade the consumer minds. It is nearly impossible not to be influenced by the multitude of entertainment media in the world today. Because of the media’s ability to remain in entertainment, Americans are exposed to all kinds of influential material. The information provided through these materials can increase one’s ability to learn, communicate, and become a knowledgeable citizen in today’s world. However, this material also has the ability to influence society’s norms, which can result in brainwashing, or worse, an individual who ignorantly follows. The various forms of entertainment media have shaped American culture and its values. Upon the discovery of the United States of America, books, games, and music were the main forms of entertainment. However, these forms were not a common part of the everyday American’s life due to the basic need of survival. Instead of leisure time, Americans would work throughout the day to attain food and shelter, leaving little time for entertainment to make its way into their daily routine. Therefore, the media did not use many forms of entertainment during this period in time, due to the lack of demand. Once the Industrial Revolution hit, the amount of leisure time the average American could allot each day skyrocketed. With the increased leisure time came an increase in demand for entertainment. Throughout the following years came the introduction to television, films, and the Internet. The demand for this entertainment followed with the attempt and success of the media...
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