Influence of Electronic Games on the Academic Performance of Youths

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The highly informative text “Themes in Communication Writing” is authored by …………... In twelve chapters, these authors and other eminent scholars seek to unravel the enigma within Mass Communication. This blend of profound wisdom is relevant to both scholars and students that desire adequate comprehension of Mass Communication elements. In the first chapter, “””””””” aims at facilitating a sound understanding of the requisite for effective writing in Public Relations and the obligations of an assiduous Public Relations Officer. He categorizes certain features such as short, simple and precise sentences that ought to be mastered to write effectively for any Public Relations organization or department. …………. Gives a brief explanation of the kinds of audience that anyone involved in Public Relation will encounter, that is, the internal publics (employees in his or her organisation), and the external publics(those that are not working in the organization especially customers and those in the neigbouring community). He also identifies certain responsibilities a good press officer must possess t be successful in his field. Bolanle Akereledolu-Ale discusses how common grammatical errors made when writing for the mass media can be avoided. He elaborates on the proper usage of articles, conjunctions, and the contexts that call for the use of certain words whose meanings are usually confused. In chapter three, Nkechi Christopher discusses the Importance of writing and rewriting. She highlights the three stages of writing: the pre-writing stage, planning, writing the first draft. She also noted what each stage demands of a writer. In order to write effectively there are four strategies that must be engaged in: Metadiscourse in academic communication is discussed in Chapter four. Metadiscourse is the part is of speech which is the linguistic material in the text that does not add anything to the content’s idea, but helps the readers or listeners to organize, interpret and evaluate the information. In this Chapter, Sam Tswanyan explains with detailed illustrations the taxonomy of the metadiscourse in academic communication and the various components that each one entails. The second section of this book is about writing for the print media. Here Ciboh Rodney in the fifth chapter discusses news writing in Print Journalism. He begins by explaining what a news story is. There are different news stories; they are: spot news, straight news, hard news, soft news and feature news. Each of these news stories is explained clearly. Rodney further explains style of writing a news story ought to conform to. In a detailed manner he discusses leads in a news story. The concept of a lead is clearly stated and various elements that are involved such as the what, why, where, when and how. These are referred t as the 5W’s and H. He also draws attention to the changing faces of news which every mass media writing should e aware of at all times. In conclusion, he notes the ethics of news writing that must be considered when writing. In the sixth chapter, Dr. Nnamdi Ekeanyanwu elaborates on the contemporary issues in critical writing and review. He starts by first noting a clear distinction between who a critic is (one who writes a review) and what a critique is (the review itself). He states the purposes which any critical writing and review should achieve and inevitable characteristics a critic must have. He also expatiated on the different forms of critical writing and what each one entails; from the formats of writing to the elements that make a review rich and captivating to readers. The two type of review, the pro-review and con-review are also clearly explained. In conclusion, he writes and in-depth analysis of the theories and the...
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