Influence of Computer Games

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  • Published : March 18, 2011
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Probably there is no man in the world, who knows about a computer but doesn’t know about computer games. Often it happens inside out ' a computer is bought only for computer games and generally people who buy a computer for such purpose, don’t suppose that there are a lot of other entertaining and useful things to do with computer. People who use their computer mostly for games are called “gamers”, lots of them are crazy about games and see the meaning of life in it. The original sense of computer games consisted in the rest from our everyday life, in singular satisfaction, in the change of activity. But sometimes such a rest can degenerate into the psychological dependence on computer. Many people play computer games, but only few of them think about what can computer games give to them, except the waste of time and some kind of moral joy? Do games bring negative or positive effect on human’s mental health? Computer games in some way supplement usual children’s games, create the illusion of presence of other people, who are taking part in the current game with the real player. Multiplayer on-line role-playing games enable to play with the other real people, but each of them is hidden beyond the mask of his own personage. Computer games give an opportunity to play the role of the hero, who saves the world, to put oneself on his place, or an opportunity to be the main villain. The game permits the player to make a different choice, how he will act in such-and-such difficult situation, gives a chance for a change of the scenario depending on the choice of the player’s way to achieve some aim in the current game. Besides games develop logic, memory, imagination, ability to make a decision in difficult situations. Among the educational facilities of the computer games there are simplification of the methods of training, cognition of the new world, the filling of the free time and even helping in the diseases treatment. But for all that it is not possible to be...
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