Influence of Christianity and Islam on Medieval Europe

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  • Published : November 25, 2012
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In medieval Europe, major impacts from the fall of the roman empire still exists today. One of these religion is Christianity, which has made a staunch effect on medieval Europe. Christianity has been a major practice in Europe since the first century. It accounted for more than 76.2% of the Europeans. Christianity introduced catholic churches in medieval Europe. These churches laid down meaningful influences, which has and is still aiding European countries till date. These churches in medieval Europe somewhat lectured people, that their souls were conceived in sin, and also, these sinful souls could be saved if only they repented. This applied evenly to everyone with no exception, including the kings and queens. These churches taught the European to be charitable, a good example can be seen in the “Story of lady Godiva”, where she was honored by the population for her charity. The church also started schools in the west, a perfect example is the kings school in Canterbury, that is still operating today despite its Age (founded in 596). The church, also Supplied hospitals for the sick, lame and injured to be catered for. These group of people, had their needs attended to by the nuns and monks of the church. Again, the church made available sanctuary for the oppressed and fugitives.

Islam, a religion with a strong pursuit for excellence wherever it finds its self. They served “Allah”, they took prayers very serious, praying five times daily, showing their zeal for righteousness and respect to “Allah”. Islam significantly were effective in different areas in the early ages of medieval Europe . They gave major influences in various aspect of Europe, as in, Art, architecture, technology, language and many others. First, many words used in Europe were derived from islam. These words are based in major sciences such as mathematics, medicine, physics etc....
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