Influence of American Culture

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Influence of Entertainment Media
Syreeta James
May 20, 2012
Katy Myers

Throughout the years, entertainment media has had a large impact on American culture. From music to movies, our culture has been heavily influenced by the entertainment world. Entertainment media introduced many people to different fashion, eating styles, and different points of view on lifestyles, music, religion, and health. The things that are shown through movies, music, and TV, such as advertising or designer clothes, influence what people are buying and wearing. The cars that are featured in movies influence the type of cars that people want to buy. Many other things advertised in movies, radio, and television influence culture today. Movies and TV shows allow individuals a chance to experience other identities and rethink what they know or think already. It allows the person to sometimes identify with their own personal experiences and maybe to realize dreams and possibilities and can influence a person to go for their dreams or convince them that they are unrealistic. The influence of entertainment media could spark ideas that lead to a change in the culture by opening others up to another point of view. Entertainment media can give life to a number of social changes. While America was still marred in racism, movies with black actresses and actors began to immerge. These movies eventually began to show a different side of African Americans as the tide of racism and slavery began to turn such as movies that A big part of entertainment media today is the music that we here on the radio. Music is influencing the youth more than ever before. The children are hearing songs about partying and having fun and they want to follow suit. Likewise, they are listening to music about violence and sex and there is more crime in our culture than ever before. Entertainment media influences both a positive and a negative impact on today’s culture. By glorifying some things that are...
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