Inflation and Costco

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1.1. General introduction of Costco Group:
1.1.1. An overview of Costco Group:
Costco Wholesale is a global corporation trading in wholesale and retail. This group acts as a chain store includes many members in many parts of the world, under the name Costco Wholesale. It offers customers a firm belief expressed by the provision of a range of products with the brand has been confirmed. With hundreds of locations worldwide, Costco provides customers more choices of goods, in addition to working with a professional attitude, all have created a variety of shopping space and rich. In particular, the Costco warehouse layout and design is a reasonable way to help businesses save costs to buyers and sellers. In fact, quality branded goods at Costco have offered significantly lower prices than in other common suppliers (wholesale and retail). Besides, Costco shopping address is reliable for consumers with business slogans (slogan) is known as:         "Simplying family and life"

"Simplifying home and life"
1.1.2. The process of formation and development:
Costco Wholesale - Group wholesale and retail - began operations in 1983 in Seattle, Washington. Initially, Costco just small shops in Seattle (Washington). After a while, Costco has become the first company to develop from the number 0 to $ 3 billion in sales in less than 6 years. When Costco and Price Club merged in 1993, the Company has operated under the name PriceCostco, there were 206 locations generate $ 16,000,000,000 in sales. To date, were present at 582 locations throughout the U.S. and abroad which has 425 stores in the U.S. and Pueroto Rico, 80 stores in Canada, 32 stores in Mexico, 22 stores in the UK, 7 down customers in Korea, 9 stores in Japan, six stores in Taiwan and 1 store in Australia. In the U.S., Costco has 127,000 employees.   ► A brief development process:

1982: Jeff Brotman and Jim Sinegal meet and map out a plan to start new businesses as a form of wholesale clubs (including the participation of many members). 1983: Costco to open first store in Seattle, Washington on September 15, 1983. By the end of the year, other locations Costco's turn to be opened at Portland, Oregon and Spokane, Washington. 1984: Wednesday Costco warehouse opened in Salt Lake City, Utah. In late 1984, the ninth Costco warehouse building in five states and serves more than 200,000 members.Sales of CostcoWholesale's Club has passed 1 billion. 1985: Costco shares issued on December 5. Costco to open first store in Burnaby Canada-style - a city in British Columbia. 1986: So far, Costco has opened three years, with 17 locations; 1.3 million members, and 3.740 employees. Pharmacy Costco first opened in Portland, Oregon and warehouse in Tukwila, WA warehouse became the first store of Costco fresh meat. 1987: Costco for the first time engaged in the production and sale of bread ... 1988: Costco closed at the western area and focus on markets of East and West coast of America. 1989: Costco has 46 warehouses established and operated effectively. Services "1-Hour Photo" (take pictures in 1 hour) was first opened in store Chula Vista (city of southwest California, San Diego suburb south near the U.S. border and Me-hi-co ) in December. 1992: In December, Costco has opened the 100th store in Miami Lakes, Florida. 1993: Costco held its 10th anniversary in September 1993. This is the year that shareholders have approved the merger between Price Club and Costco into an organization. PriceCostco formed and opened its first store in the UK in West Thurrock, Essex, England. 1994: In Asian markets, Costco opened its first store in Seoul, Korea. Hearing Center was first opened. 1995: - Warehouse No. 200 was built in Wenatchee, Washington. - The first gas station was opened in Tucson, Arizona.

- Exclusive brands of Costco Kirkland Signature is published. 1997: The company has officially changed its name from Price Costco Costco.Inc...
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