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Topics: Nicole Kidman, Sociology, Language Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: May 20, 2013
What kind of tribe is the Eneon? We do not have much information about this tribe as the anthropologists had just found out their existence. We only have limited information we received from the anthropologists. The information are based on the environment and climate they live in, the food they eat, their family and children, books and arts and their social aspect and attitudes toward war that the Eneon tribe are live in.

According to the report provided by the anthropologists about Eneon, there are three words for “terrain” designating “absolutely flat,” ”rolling,” and “slightly hilly”. Therefore they all live in a place that is surrounded by hills. As hills surround them they do not know the existence of the ocean, perhaps they do not explore the land, that why they do not have a word for ocean, but they do have streams as they have several words for precipitation, and most are translated as “rain”. With this it is possible they are able to grow grains. The Eneon do not have word such as pork, beef, mutton, leather and other meat products, however they do have words for cow, pig and other animals, with this we can assume, there are grasses for those animals to eat. Therefore, there is a possibility that there really is water to grow other agriculture products. They do have dozens of words for grains and including eight words for wheat; from this we can tell that they are eating many types of grains. In other word from this information we assumed that they are either a vegetarian or vegan.

From other information we have gathered again Eneon is that, they have some words that are referring to children, there are some especially referring them as “wise, small one” “innocent leader” and “little stargazer”; with these we can assume that Eneon have high expectation for the next generations. They also translated “sex” as “to plant a wise one” which is saying that they want to give birth to a wise children. As they also refer that there are several words for...
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