Infection Prevention

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Current Compliance Status for Infection Prevention and Control 1. Commission Standard: Infection Investigation/Identification

Recently the hospital implements preventing spread of Infection. The hospital has a successful framework for controlling the spread of infection and/or outbreaks among patients/clients, employees, physician, volunteers, students, and visitors. Identification and managing infections at the time of a client’s admission to the hospital and throughout their stay are the critical aspects of the infection prevention and control program, in addition to subsequent renowned infection control practices while providing care. In the hospital’s admission process, there are numerous ways to investigate, control, and prevent infections in the hospital setting, decides what procedures, such as isolation, should be applied to an individual client; and maintains a record of incidents and corrective actions related to infections. This process includes taking the patient’s history of infection, previous hospitalization, current diagnosis, and presence of draining wound, among others. During the health screening process, the hospital also ensures that the patient gets help from the right staff. Immediately the patient checks into the Nightingale Community Hospital, the symptoms are examined. This forms the basis of the treatment. In addition to the symptoms, laboratory tests are used to augment the diagnosis process. The hospital has a strict policy to screen the patient for infection within 24 hours upon admission.

2. Commission Standard: Compliance with Hand Hygiene

In order to maintain accuracy of proper hand hygiene, the Nightingale Hospital has a strict policy that before and after performing procedures, before and after touching the patients, after touching the body fluids/bloods, the staff shall wash and dried up his or her hands consistent with sound hygienic practices.

This approach is also useful in minimizing the spread of disease and for protection and safety of an individual. For instance, the hospital implements consistent use by staff the proper hand washing practice and techniques which are critical to preventing the spread of infections. It is essential for staff to practice the proper hand washing technique with disinfectant soap and water. Hospital also encourages staff the use of alcohol based hand rubs used in place of proper hand washing techniques.

In addition, gloves or the use of baby wipes are not a substitute for hand hygiene. The hospital is currently struggling with the proper hand washing practice. During the previous year, it has been determined objectively in several observational situation of hand hygiene behavior, the hospital had 30 occurrences for forgetting to perform hand hygiene within its records. This has increased to 60 during the current year the staff are not gelling in gelling out. This shows noncompliance to the commission standards of infection prevention and control plan. Although the Nightingale Community Hospital has an excellent policy for infection control, the implementation framework is not compliant with the commission standards for infection prevention. In the recent year, the hospital has more than 80 incidents of health practitioner not performing hand hygiene within its records.

3. Commission Standard: Infection Control Audit

The hospital shows moderate compliance to this standard. This is for the reason that it performs an audit of infection control records every year. This is a necessary approach towards maintaining the maximum standards of infection prevention and control plan. However, it does not have a framework for quarterly or half-year audits.


This corrective action plan seeks to develop a framework for enhancing the hospital’s compliance to the joint commission standards of infection prevention and control plan. Even though the hospital shows compliance to some components...
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