Infection Control

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Infection control is covered under Regulation 12 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008(Regulated Activities) Regulations 2010. It states that: (1) The registered person must, so far as reasonably practicable, ensure that— (a) service users;

(b) persons employed for the purpose of the carrying on of the regulated activity; and (c) others who may be at risk of exposure to a health care associated infection arising from the carrying on of the regulated activity, are protected against identifiable risks of acquiring such an infection by the means specified in paragraph (2). (2) The means referred to in paragraph (1) are—

(a) the effective operation of systems designed to assess the risk of and to prevent, detect and control the spread of a health care associated infection; (b) where applicable, the provision of appropriate treatment for those who are affected by a health care associated infection; and (c) the maintenance of appropriate standards of cleanliness and hygiene in relation to—

(i) premises occupied for the purpose of carrying on the regulated activity, (ii) equipment and reusable medical devices used for the purpose of carrying on the regulated activity, and (iii) materials to be used in the treatment of service users where such materials are at risk of being contaminated with a health care associated infection.

Last December 2011, we had an outbreak of Norovirus in our Care home. On handover, it has been reported that there is already a number of service users suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea. The home manager has already been informed and has given instructions on how to deal with the situation It is my responsibility as a senior carer to risk assess the situation. I contacted the infection control team in our area was straight away to seek advice. They have sent us information regarding the nature of the virus and advice us on the necessary precautions we needed to take and I also read the home’s policies and procedure with regards to...
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