Infection Control

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  • Published : February 16, 2011
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Infection Control for Health Professions

Module Two Assignment

Each question worth 5 points

List three things required by OSHA regarding infection control.

Exposure determination, schedule and method for implementing the plan, and a procedure for evaluating exposure incidents.

Explain why it is important to meet standards recognized by leading agencies in the infection control field. It helps protect you and those around you, reduces work hazards.

How can your actions at work (or your future healthcare job/career) affect the health and safety of your family? If you do not take proper precautions regarding infection control you may be likely to spread the disease to you or your family.

Refer to case study on pages 15-16 of Kenamer (Basic Infection Control for Health Care Providers) to answer the following questions.

The Supreme Court determined that the presence of HIV is a qualifying disability under the ADA since it substantially limits one or more major life activities, including the ability to reproduce. List other major life activities that may be limited when a person has an infectious disease.

Some diseases can restrict people from being able to walk, excercise, and work.

The case was sent back to the lower court to determine if Abbott’s asymptomatic HIV infection posed a threat to Dr. Bragdon. According to Bragdon, as of September 1994, the CDC had identified seven dental workers with suspected occupational transmission of HIV. Do you believe the plaintiff’s HIV infection posed a threat to the defendant?

No, I do not believe the plaintiff posed a threat to the defendant by being treated in the dental office because the dentist should follow the same and proper procedure as any other patient.

Search the internet or your local law library to learn if there have been other ADA cases related in infectious disease. Discuss your findings.

In what way do you suppose the hospital was better able, according to...
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