Infection and Children

Topics: Infection, Gender, Gender equality Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: October 12, 2011

The main focus of UNICEF in Pakistan is on the following issues of children. They focus on the rights of every child globally which include; I. Child survival and development
II. Basic education and gender inequality
III. HIV/AIDS and Children
IV. Child Protection
V. Policy advocacy and Partnerships
VI. Gives children the best start in life
VII. Helps children survive and thrive
VIII. Gets kids into school
IX. Creates a protective environment, especially in emergencies. UNICEF’s work is currently focused on five areas: young child survival, basic education, child protection, HIV/AIDS, and policy advocacy. 1) Child protection from exploitation, violence and abuse - Hundreds of millions of children across the globe are victims of exploitation, abuse and violence each year.  UNICEF works to create protective environments for children to shield them from harm. 2) Young child survival and development - every year nearly 11 million children die before reaching their fifth birthday, mostly from preventable causes. UNICEF focuses on immunizing children, providing clean water and sanitation, nutrition and healthcare.  3) Basic education and gender equality – More than 120 million children are currently out of school, and the majority of them are girls. UNICEF focuses on education because educating children can help put them on the path to economic and social empowerment.  4) HIV/AIDS and children – every day almost 2,000 babies are infected with HIV/AIDS during pregnancy, at birth or through breastfeeding. UNICEF work to prevent new infections and mother-to-child transmission of the disease. They also provide care, protection and support to the some 15 million children orphaned and made vulnerable by the disease. 5) Policy advocacy and partnerships for children's rights - UNICEF works with governments, law-makers, the media, civil society and international organizations on behalf of children and women....
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