Topics: MySpace, Social network service, Facebook Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Can you still remember your last Facebook status? Can you still recall SimSimi’s funny lines? Who’s your latest follower? What have you read from Tumblr today? I believe you have just answered one or even two of my questions above. I guess you might also consider someone an alien after knowing that he doesn’t even have at least a Facebook account because even those who are 13 years old and below already have one. Right? Social Networking Sites (SNS) have really invaded our modern society. More and more people are spending much time with the internet thus lifting the popularity of these social networking sites. Who would disagree? People have seen what huge benefits they can give. With the SNS, people can talk to each other without the need to meet somewhere. Literally, Social networking allows the exchange of messages within seconds. This also allows people to meet new friends online and get in touch with our relatives across the world. However, behind all these, there are still bad effects that are brought by these SNS that are already visible, yet people don’t take it too seriously.

One of the serious problems we meet today on social networking is what we call Cyber-bullying. Simply put, it is the act of harassing or spreading stressing rumors online. Unfortunately, the Cyberspace gives much freedom to everyone to post anything without knowing his/her real identity. Thus, it also gives freedom for bullies. This is where Cyber-bullying pops out. Cyber bullying results to some terrifying cases and worse, it may lead to suicide for others.

One more thing, most students are glued on these SNS which is one of the reasons why they cannot focus on their studies. I have this experience. Once I was researching with Google and I just can’t take not to open my Facebook account. However, when I started opening my notifications, reading my friends’ statuses and liking photos, I didn’t notice that it was already late and I have been so glued on it that it...
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