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THE Infant Sleep GUIDE
3-6 months
Between the ages of three and six months, your infant will be able to sleep for longer stretches at night. Which means you’ll get a little more sleep than before. Congratulations! Now your baby is beginning to understand the difference between night and day, which makes it a perfect time to help improve their sleep time routine.

PUT YOUR INFANT to bed drowsy but awake
The most important aspect of getting your baby to sleep through the night is to have your baby learn to soothe herself to sleep. Put your baby down to sleep when he or she is drowsy but awake. Babies need to be able to fall asleep independently, so that they can do the same when they wake in the middle of the night.



HABITS To avoid
Make sure your baby’s nighttime routine is not too long or too impractical to stick to. Try to avoid rocking or feeding your baby to sleep, because you may end up doing the same when your baby naturally wakes up during the night. Please consider this: is this a habit you want to be catering to six months from now, or two years from now? Take turns with your partner in putting your baby to bed to help avoid developing such habits.

Your infant will sleep between 13 to 15 hours each day. It’s important to realise though, that every baby is different and some will need more sleep, while others need less. Your baby will also need to nap from two to four times a day.

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THE Infant Sleep GUIDE
3-6 months
BATHING is a good way to relax & BOND WITH your baby
You can help your baby relax before bed by including bathing into her nighttime routine. Warm water and a lullaby can...
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