Infant Toddler Cda Goal 6

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Competency Goal VI
To maintain a commitment to professionalism
Functional Area #13: Professionalism
As a professional I attend regular trainings both in and out of work. Some training is provided for me by my employer, while others I seek out on my own. In June I attended training for 2 weeks before children started attending class. These trainings focused on areas such as health, routines and transitions, environments, goals/objectives and school readiness. One way I apply these trainings is by setting a routine in the classroom and remembering to abide by it, while allowing some flexibility as the children need it. It is important to keep a routine so that the children know what to expect. A routine helps children to stay focused and on task. I choose a child to go around announcing a 5 minute warnings before a transition to help prepare the children. This allows them a chance to finish their projects and games. I also like to sing songs to signal the children, such as the “Clean up Song” when it’s time to clean up what they are working on. The children enjoy singing along with me as they work, often times I observe them helping to clean up each other’s messes singing to each other. Learning is a constant and ongoing process. New research is always being developed and it is important to keep up with it so that I can provide the best learning experience possible.

In order to maintain a commitment to professionalism it is important to prevent caregiver fatigue affects your energy levels and enthusiasm. Caregiver fatigue can cause you to be fatigued and impatient with the children. My goal is to attain adequate sleep each night, which for me is about 5 hours a night. I also try to eat balanced meals each day. Proper nutrition is vital to regulating energy levels throughout the day. Also, if I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed during the day I will ask for help. I then take a break to calm and compose myself.

Another important part of...
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