Infant Observation

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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It is 8:30am when Dj wakes up, as he is waking up he is rolling around in his waking up he is rolling around in his mother’s bed stretching and babbling, a mixture of mama and dada with a high pitch scream as loud as he can, his mother says hey sleepy head good morning, Dj turns over sits up on his knees smiles at her then he falls backwards back onto the pillow babbling again. Mom yells out pamper change Dj continues to babble, mom grabs him lays him down in front of her, as she is changing his pamper; he is turning over, putting his hands down trying to grabs/touch his private part, after mom says no-no he starts rolling over again trying to get up and get off the bed. It is 9:05am and Dj is done getting his pamper change, so his mother puts him down on the floor in hallway, then she closes the doors to the other rooms and to the bathroom. Dj is still sitting in the hallway on the floor looking around and at the bookcases that are in the hallway, he rolls on his tummy to get on his hands and knees to crawls over to the bookcase; before he gets to the bookcase; his mother runs to grab the vases the are on the bottom shelf of the book case and sits them up higher; Dj looks up to watch, he when he reaches the book case he pulls himself up, now he is standing there banging on the shelf screaming and babbling while looking in the mirror that is behind the bookcase. He has been standing there for three minutes, and then he gets down and crawls into the living room, when he reaches the living room he sees his older brother and sister sitting on the floor watching TV. When they noticed him the started saying “good morning Dj”, “hey man-man”, DJ smiles and starts crawling fast with head down toward them, as he reaches them he grabs his sister’s shirt to pull himself up, as he is doing that he is screaming, then his brother started saying “aww mommy” he stepping on me, Dj starts screaming with a smile on his face while turning his head around to see if his mother is...
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