Infant Feeding

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Infant feeding
The most important thing the mothers used to worry about is how they can provide healthy life for their children. Therefore, the appropriate and healthy food is one of the most important things they try to make it available. They usually start that during pregnancy period. After that, they begin to think how to feeding their infant and provide all the nutrients that they need. Many mothers around the world depend on feeding their infant by their breast milk while many others used artificial milk. However, they have to think that the first thousand day of the age is the most important days that affect the rest of the person life. Therefore, these days have to be the healthiest days. The importance of breastfeeding

There are many benefits from breastfeeding whether for the baby or for the mother. Therefore, many health organizations recommend the mothers to not prevent this right for their children. Also, the mothers benefit from breastfeeding whether for their body health or for their emotion health. The benefits of breastfeeding for the baby:

1.Early breast milk or the “Colostrum, the yellowish, sticky breast milk produced at the end of pregnancy” (liquid gold) full of nutrients and antibodies 2.Easier to digest than the artificial milk because of the breast milk components. 3.Reduced risk of stomach upsets like chronic constipation, colic, and others. 4. Reduced risk of childhood diabetes and obesity, also it reduces the risk of tooth decay and the risk for vitamin E and Iron deficiency anemia. 5.Increased bone density

6.It develops the baby’s emotion and spirit

The benefits of breastfeeding for the mother :
1.Reducing the breast cancer risk by about 25 percent, where the more times the women breastfeed during her life the less risk to have breast cancer. 2.Reducing the uterine and ovarian cancer risk.

3.Reducing the osteoporosis because the women who doesn’t breastfeeding are more likely to suffer from this disease than who breastfeeding. 4.Promotes emotional health. It reduces the anxiety and depression after giving birth 5.Helping to lose weight after giving birth.

6.Saving the artificial milk costs.
WHO recommendations for breastfeeding
The WHO (World Health Organization) recommended that the breastfeeding is very important for the infant because this breast milk contains all the nutrients that the infant need specially the first milk that goes out which is Colostrum the yellowish sticky milk that the mother should feed her baby after birth immediately (the golden hour) as WHO said that it is the perfect food for the new born, because it provides protection against infection and diseases, the digestion and bowels of the baby are enthused, to recover from the challenges that the mother and the baby go through to bond and establish breastfeeding, the Colostrum is produced at the end of the pregnancy. Also, it’s very important that breastfeeding take a place up to 6 months of age but with continuing breastfeeding with another complementary food up to two years or beyond. Breastfeeding in UAE

Regarding to Olivia Olarte-Ulherr’s article in Khaleej times newspaper, based on WHO figures in UAE 88% of new mothers feeding their babies by breastfeeding. 31% of mothers keep breastfeeding until their babies reached five months, while about 27% continuing that but mixed with artificial milk. The reasons of this low percentage are increasing of working women where they find difficult to breastfeed their babies because of the working hours. In addition, many women nowadays are afraid from their body look. Also, there are some women don’t know the importance of breastfeeding for their children or have wrong concept about that. Artificial formula feeding problems

Artificial formula feeding can cause lots and lots of health problems for the infant, because it is not natural it is manufacture made. Moreover, there is an (Enterobacter sakazakii) which found in the...
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