Infant Development Observation

Topics: Motor skill, Motor control, Motor skills Pages: 5 (1839 words) Published: March 26, 2012
Infant's Demographic Information:
The infant I observed is named Tessa. Tessa is a 7 month old caucasian female cared for by her married mother and father. They are a middle class family living in a spacious bi-level home. Tessa's mom is a stay at home mom while her father owns his own auto mechanics business. Tessa is their first and only child as of right now. Tessa's family has an English Setter named Bonnie who loves to play with Tessa.

Observation Demographic Information:
I observed in Tessa's home at 12:00 on Tuesday, March 13th. We were in the living room for most of the observation, but we went outside to the park towards the last twenty minutes or so. In the living room, Tessa and her mother were on one couch while I was sitting across from her on the other couch. Her father was at work. The weather outside was absolutely beautiful. Since I know Tessa and her family, I didn't stay solely as an observer the entire time. I was able to talk to her mom and I was able to play with Tessa quite a bit.

Play by Play:
For the majority of my observation, we were all in Tessa's living room. Her living room consists of a sofa, loveseat, television, and pictures of their immediate family and other family members all around the room. Since there isn't a lot of furniture in the room, it's extremely spacious, and provides lots of room for Tessa to crawl and play. When I first got to Tessa's house, she had just woken up from a nap. You would think she would be a little tired and loopy, but she was wired and ready to go! Her mom had mentioned to me that she just mastered crawling and can't seem to stop. When I first got there, I said hi to her mom and then held Tessa. We walked into the living room and that's when I handed Tessa back to her mom. Her mom and I just casually talked throughout the entire interview. For the first few minutes, Tessa was content with sitting on her mom's lap and just hanging out. Her mom was bouncing her a little bit so that way Tessa wouldn't go stir crazy. After about ten minutes, Tessa got fussy and wanted to be put down. At that moment, that's when her mom brought up how she loves being able to crawl and how it was a new thing to her. Right when she was put on the floor, Tessa crawled right over to me! I gave her a big smile and was so excited for her! When she saw my smile, Tessa smiled and tried to grab the couch cushion I was sitting on. It looked like she was going to try and stand up, and she did indeed try. When I looked at her fingers while she grabbed the couch cushion, I noticed she was not grabbing with her thumb. That's when I realized that she hadn't mastered the pincer grasp yet. She tried to stand herself up but got very frustrated because she couldn't seem to get her lower body to follow her upper body movements. I was trying to encourage her to come up to me on her own, but it wasn't working out. After I saw her get frustrated, I picked her up and her fussing stopped. There were toys next to me on the floor so I grabbed one that looked like some type of rattle. As I showed her the toy she gazed at it with wide eyes and then took it from me. I looked at the way she held the toy and noticed again how she wasn't grabbing it with her thumb. She shook it, transferred it between both of her hands, and really just loved looking at all the cool things on the toy. After another ten minutes went by, she got bored of it and threw it on the ground. After she threw it she started grunting and getting fussy, so I put her back on the ground seeing if she wanted to get the toy or just crawl around. It turns out that she just wanted to crawl back to her mom. After she made it to her mom's couch, she was able to sit up by herself. Her mom also had toys by her, and gave one to Tessa to play with. This toy was one of those toys that you have a block in a certain shape and then you try to put the block into the same shaped hole on the box. Tessa grabbed the star shaped block and just banged it on...
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