Topics: Wealth, Poverty, Working class Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Inequality in Society
Imagine a world where everyone is treated equally. That sounds amazing, does it not? Something like this would be near impossible to achieve, whether it is racial equality, gender equality and without doubt, between people that are rich and people that are poor. In the world today, people of the higher class are only becoming wealthier and people of the lower class do not have much success moving up in society. Much class division between upper and lower class people is showcased in the story The Stolen Party by Liliana Heker from the perspective of a little girl’s birthday party. A little girl named Rosaura, who came from a poor family, attended a high class birthday party while thinking that she could really move up the ladder to become higher class within society. However, reality hit her as she eventually found out that she was only invited to be the maid, towards the end of the story. The author effectively uses irony and stereotypes to illustrate the diversity of class within the human species.

To start off, one technique that the author uses quite frequently to describe the division in class in the story is through the use of stereotypes. For example, it is widely thought that poor people are naturally hard workers. While at the same time, rich people typically hire poorer individuals to work for them. In the story, “Senora Ines had asked (Rosaura) to help pass the cake around, and Rosaura enjoyed the task immensely” (Heker 3). It is often said that wealthy people are quite Aristocratic and are often exhibited with some sort of servant, such as a butler by their side. In this example, Rosaura is the butler of Senora Ines and Luciana. On the other hand, however, people who are on the lower end of the spectrum are usually seen working very hard, typically as a servant or another type of labour job. As previously stated, Rosaura is the butler or servant of Senora Ines at the birthday party. It is towards the end when Rosaura learns...
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