Inequalities of Race and Ethnicity

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  • Published : December 21, 2006
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Inequalities of Race and Ethnicity

With more than six billion people in this world, with a huge variety of human shapes, colors and sizes can race really be defined? As people spread across the world. Mixing among each other creating new kinds of faces there is no true race. But people such as Hitler believed that the Aryans where the superior race responsible got the cultural achievements in Europe and that they has to stop "racial contamination" that would come from breeding with inferior races by destroying them. Which caused the slaughtering of those deemed inferior: Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, slaves, and people with disabilities. It didn't stop here, you'd think the world would try to make a difference but as Hitler era was fading, the "ethnic cleansing" by Serbs in Bosnia, the mass killings of Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994 were and are stilling taking place years after Hitler.

What these people failed to see is that there is no "pure race". People show such a mixture of physical characteristics – in skin color, hair textures, body shapes, eye color, height, weight and so on that there can not be a "pure race". Our characteristics follow endlessly together, the mapping of genome system shows that were strikingly homogenous. Although large groups of people can be classified by blood type and gene frequencies they still cannot be classified as a race. The idea of a race in far from a myth, its embedded in our culture, it is part of our everyday lives. Sociologist D.S. Thomas observed that if people define situations as real, they're real in their consequences in other words, people define situations as real, they're real in their consequences in other words, people act on beliefs, not facts. As a result to that we will always have people like Hitler who feel that killing people that they believe is inferior is perfectly fine.

Incidents such as the above still happen in today's world but they are hidden from the public eye, what isn't hidden and...
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