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Challenges of social inequality for females

Thinking Through: Essays on Feminism, Marxism and Anti-Racism

Who knew it was going to be so hard………………..
Challenges of women coping with social inequality
Social inequality exists, within all cultures, Himani discusses the inequality that she has struggled with since arriving to Canada, I found myself comparing her struggles to all women who are not, white, privileged and middle class. Her essays , are a dedication to women who have to fight for their space, been beaten down with labels, and had to struggle with governed systems both socially and academically, at the workplace that have been dominated by white middle class norms. The enlightenment that Himani discusses in her essays on inequality and race/gender, by comparison these issues also exist in single parents, abused women a

Inequality, the female, the struggle
The battered and abused single female parent, single non-white female, being female, What do all of these have in common?
Government and social programs have failed in meeting their needs to gain equality in the work place, communities, and status, and pay. Single white/ non-white female parents, in Canada it is commonly known that over 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, which means that there are thousands of children who are being solely raised by their mothers. Why are Single females (both white and non-white women) raising their children at or below the poverty level? Systems that are in place are not enforced by any governing body, the family responsibility, social assistance, daycare needs, further education to produce productive wage earners are inaccessible, or so limited that inhibits single mothers from using the system to gain fair employment, status, or the court ordered child support that is needed to raise their children and build equity for their future. Single mothers, they are responsible for the needs of the children and the bulk are struggling to make ends meet, they feel all the increases I the cost of daily living, they need to give all that they can to careers, children, which means they don’t have the time to engage in higher education, programs, not only are they cost prohibited the daycare needs to go to school during the evening makes it impossible for success. The family court system, again in place but not enforced, the court can decide that support should be paid, the amount and due date, then the ball is dropped, the parent who is fighting for support will then make numerous court appearances in order to get the original order enforced. The court system then passes the order to family responsibility. The name of the agency is encouraging it means that there is help for the family; well not exactly what happens is that it takes approx. 2-3 months to get this process started. Single parents are subjected to labels, the inequality at the work place, not having a place in their community, coping within the judicial system, causes increase stress which can create a negative impact on their quality of life. Judge’s, politician’s lawyers who have the privilege of power to use the law and common sense to make all family systems more effective is urgently needed. Programs that are dominated by men the “help programs” that are not enforced, simply puts the single parent in direct fire to all of the inequalities that Himani discuses at length in her book think through. Abused Women

Why do women return/ stay with their abusive partners?
Abused women are degraded, labelled, feel the inequality both in the social and justice system. Women who have been abused by their partner are then abused by the system. They are ashamed, told it was their fault and they are hurt. The general society feels that it is so easy for abused women to leave. They are misinformed, abused women feel that they are forced to go back; there are so many roadblocks in their way, making it impossible for them to obtain a safe...
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