Ineffective Leadership Behavior

Topics: Culture, Knowledge, Sociology Pages: 2 (813 words) Published: November 5, 2010
MBA 612 Ineffective Leadership Behavior                             WK 1In  year 2002 January when I was doing my internship at a dealership in Lansing Michigan that I had Mr. Ericson as my supervisor. Apparently I was among the six interns who came from different countries with a   different culture, values and work ethics. Ericson was a very well trained with bachelors degree in engineering and was articulated, well knowledgeable person but he was not exposed to working with a diversity cultural group. A s he was growing up, he was made to believe that other people from different culture (Africa and Asia) were not able minded to be reliable and effective at whatever given assignment which they were asked to perform without a close supervision. His parents always reminded him that if he was to successes  he should always keep an eye on those who are from that part of the world. I did realize that he was struggling  with this belief which was strongly hard wired within his DNA.Due to this fact, he was always stressed with his leadership because he was not confident of what the outcome would be to each and every assignment  given to my group per say.  Later on I came to learn that he grew up in a non multicultural environment all h is life and this was the first experience he was undergoing dealing with people from a different culture. Based on his beliefs and up bringing he tended to be very push, biased and unfair to those who he did not understand the values. This negativity lead to his leadership infectivity because he was constantly on a look out and making assumptions. The result of this was we were so demotivated and we were just looking forward to get over with the internship and leave at the soonest time possible. His lack of understanding for certain behavior among the group was un comprehended.Ericson , could be considered in the situation where  he observe something, he immediately compare the events with his personal set of values, assumptions, and...
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