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Virata, Donna Louise C. January 08, 2013
2010-23904 BA 105 THR

Through The Lens of an OM

When I was in elementary, right when school was getting a bit tougher, I started to wonder what education was for. I began to ask myself what the purpose of all the homework, quizzes, tests, and projects were. I seriously thought about why I should even bother participating in class activities and what bearing each subject had in my life. This was a time when we no longer used picture storybooks and Crayola in class, and when washing the dishes after recess was already the biggest responsibility we had on our backs. I started losing interest in fulfilling what was asked of me and I inevitably lost faith in myself.

It’s pretty easy to get diverted from your journey especially if there’s no one out there to guide you. Unless you’ve chanced upon certain paths for multiple times, it’s almost impossible to navigate your way all throughout. When I lost my way at such a young age, I seek refuge in people who were older than me but young enough to understand how I felt or what I was going through. Luckily, “who I met” were individuals who were well-acquainted with how to positively cope with their surroundings. From them, I began to see the bigger picture, reasons as to why I should wake up at 5 A.M. every day and look forward to school. Once I figured out the purpose as to why I needed to push myself to study, I’ve developed a bond with my goals. And from then on, I honestly enjoyed learning and applying them in my daily routine.

From time and again, I forget the reason why I do certain things. Sometimes, I get distracted by grades, awards, incentives and whatnot. These things seem to capture my competitive nature and envelop me with a greedy attitude. Problem is: that type of perspective isn’t sustainable at all. When I do things primarily for personal gains instead of growth, I get burned out easily. I think when my motivation storms out...
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