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The Sting - another impossible quiz
A really hard movie quiz ab out the Sting Question 1

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Created By: Petter Grundström

The father of the voice actor that plays Darth Vader stars in the Sting. What is his name? Humphrey Bogart Robert Earl Jones Jeff Goldblum Francis Ford Coppola

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Question 2

Paul Newman and Robert Redford has starred together in at least one other movie than the Sting. Which one? Bonnie and Clyde Jurassic Park Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Slap Shot

Question 3

Who is the composer of the soundtrack of the Sting?
Scott Joplin Danny Elfman Frank Klepacki Johann Sebastian Bach

Question 4

The Sting won 7 Oscars. In which of the following categorys did it NOT win? Best Costume Design Best Music Best Picture Best Actor

Question 5

The Sting revolves around a special art of conning people, commonly used during the great depression. What is it called? Exorcism Extortion Black Mailing Grifting

Question 6

Henry Gondorff cheats when he plays poker against Doyle Lonnegan. What is his winning hand? Four threes Four knights Four nines Four aces

Question 7

One of the actors in the Sting is probably best known for his role in the TV-series "McGyver". Which actor? Dana Elcar Robert Shaw Dimitra Arliss Jack Kehoe

Question 8

In which decade is the Sting set?
the 1910's the 1920's the 1930's the 1940's

Question 9

What gang was Henry Gondorff a member of?
O'Sheas gang Al Capones gang Twist O'Donnels gang The Snitchers

Question 10

In which city is the Sting set?
Atlanta Boston Chicago New Jersey

Question 11

What is the name of Doyle Lonnegans body guard?
Brutus Butch Finch Floyd

Question 12

What's the name of the phone company the gang pretend to have an insider in? Eastern Union Western Union Northern Union Southern Union

Question 13

Who directed the Sting?
Steven Soderbergh Lewis Milestone Jeremy...
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