Industry Dynamics in the Hi-Fi Sector

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Hifi Sector Study Case
1.Perform a SWOT analysis of the companies: Linn,Meridian and Naim and use this to help think through the industry dynamics in the hi-fi sector
a) What are the opportunities and threats facing these specialist hi-fi firms? b) Do these firms have the right strengths to take advantage of the opportunities? 2. Identify some strategic options which the specialist hi-fi manufacturers could pursue. 3. Discuss the nature of Apple's business activities with regard to music. What business model(s) are they using and where are the opportunities for them to make money from their music activities?

4. All the formats discussed in this case are governed by internationally agreed standards e.g. VHS, MP3, DVD, CD, etc. Discuss the implications of such standards for the competitive behavior of small independent firms like Linn, Meridian, or Naim.

1) SWOT Analysis

The differencation of the products: The range Linn is composed of all the elements of the hi-fi and broadcasting (audiovisual) chain: record players and CD players, cases of power supply, loudspeaker. Brands notoriety / extended relationship with customers: The firms (Linn, Naim and Meridian) produce some of the best hifi equipments in the world.Naim offers an extended relationship with past customers. New technology: The communication is facilitated, accelerated and the information exchange by Internet users is important. A new area of digital technologies: File numerics with associated devices: digital cameras, camcorders, numeric personal stereo. Weaknesses

Declining of traditional products: The traditional products are an evolution relatively stable. High prices: Devices are more and more successful so more and more expensive New competitors such as Apple, Philips and Sony:

Apple is a brand with a famous reputation. She became the leader of the digital music with the multiple versions of the iPod. Opportunities
Huge market in term of value: The...
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