Industry Development

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Industry, Pollution Pages: 12 (3600 words) Published: July 3, 2012
• Industrialisation has the potential to help
achieve a variety of social objectives such
as employment, poverty eradication, gender
equality, labour standards, and greater access
to education and healthcare. If carried out in a sustainable manner, taking into account the often fragile nature of the surrounding environment, societal patterns and economic conditions, this can achieve lasting improvements in living standards, incomes, working conditions, education and healthcare.

technological advances
cheaper goods(due to mass production)
high standard of living, overall development of the surroundings Improvements in living standards: Growth is an important avenue through which better living standards and lower rates of poverty can be achieved. This is particularly true for countries who regard growth as a key route for poverty reduction among their population. According to a report published in August 2004 by theAsian Development Bank (ADB), rapid growth in many of the countries in the Asian region has reduced the number of people living on less than $1 a day fell to 22% of the region's population in 2002. That compares with 34% in 1990 and shows "considerable progress in the fight against poverty." Rising Employment: Growth stimulates higher employment. As we can see from the chart below, the sustained growth in the British economy since 1993 has helped to bring about a large rise in total employment, the number of people in work has risen from 2.53 million at the start of 1993 to nearly 29 million thirteen years later. This is a very impressive employment creation record, much better than most other countries in the European Union. Potential environmental benefits – richer countries have more resources available to invest in cleaner technologies. And, as nations move to later stages of development, energy intensity levels start to fall. Much depends on how many resources an economy is willing to devote to environmental improvement and protection. Over the last thirty years, the ratio of energy consumption per unit of GDP has fallen quite significantly. The reduction in energy intensity is a reflection of improvements in production technologies and also a gradual switch towards a low carbon economy. Much more progress needs to be made. Organisations such as the Carbon Trust sponsor research into low carbon technologies and many environmental groups believe that greater investment should be made in alternative sources of energy. The most evident advantage of industrialization would be the development of wealth or capital.  Industrialization generated a great deal of wealth for many people.  Workers were able to find a source of work that could expand to employ more people.  Factory owners experienced more of a wealth bounce from industrialization.  I would also suggest that another advantage of industrialization was the movement to a more urbanized setting.  Prior to industrialization, individuals lived apart from one another and in distant settings.  With most of the factories being located in the cities, individuals were able to move to these areas and become closer to one another with greater physical examples of community being formed.  Finally, I would say that the development of roads, canals, and changes in how information was relayed as well as the improvements in transportation ended up being a result of industrialization because of the desire to move goods to farther reaches of the nation.  Underscoring all of these is the fact that in order for any nation to emerge into a concept of modernization and contemporary settings of power, industrialization has to be evident.  Historically this has been true and in the end, many distinct advantages have resulted and do result from industrialization.

Industrialization in economic condition marked by an increase in the importance of industry to an economy. During the process of industrialization per capita income increases and...
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