Industry Analysis Panasonic Malaysia

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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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Define the industry
Panasonic Malaysia is one of electric and electronic company. The electronic industry is business of creating, designing, producing and selling devices such as radio, television, stereos, computers, semiconductors, transistors, and integrated circuits. The electronics industry is playing a dominant role in scientific and technological progress. The electronics industry transformed factories, offices, and homes, emerging as a key economic sector that rivaled the chemical, steel, and auto industries in size.

The products of the electronics industry are used in such branches of science and technology as space science, radio physics, cybernetics, computer technology, communications, and medicine. They are also used in the development of modern control systems, radio-engineering equipment, and automation equipment and devices employed in industry, agriculture, and transportation and for defense purposes. Product of Panasonic also used in some branches of science and technology. Electronics manufacturers in the country have continued to move-up the value chain to produce higher value-added products. These include intensification of research and development efforts and outsource non-core activities domestically. So Panasonic Malaysia can define as electronic industry.

The Electric & Electronic Industry in Malaysia
The strong E&E industry in Malaysia is a result of the Government‘s initiatives to promote labor intensive and export-oriented industries. Since the establishment of the first semiconductor plant in Penang in 1972, Malaysia has become a major global manufacturing hub for the electrical and electronics industry, as attested by the large number of multinational companies (MNCs) from USA, Japan, Europe, Taiwan and Korea which have chosen Malaysia as their base. Unsurprisingly, the E&E sector has grown into Malaysia‘s largest contributor to output, employment, investments and...
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