Industry Analysis for the Airline Industry

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  • Published : May 3, 2011
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Industry Analysis of the Airline Industry

An Industry in which I have a potential future interest for an entrepreneurial venture is the ever changing airline industry. Although facing tough numbers after the 9/11 attacks, I have always held an interest for this industry. There are several basic economic characteristics for this industry. There are many opportunities, there are also many threats. The airline industry was heavily regulated by the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) for close to 40 years. Eventually, Congress abandoned airline price and service regulation and disbanded the CAB. Since deregulation the airline industry has becoming increasingly competitive. This industry is also very large and important to the travel and tourism industry. This industry is also very important in developing new business strategies amongst different industries. Before working with any industry, you should take steps to analyze it. The two basic types of aviation are commercial aviation and general aviation. General aviation deals with operating you aircraft more for internal purposes. Commercial deals more with carrying passengers or cargo for hire. The scheduled airline industry is more of commercial aviation. The first scheduled airline service started in the 1920's. There have been a lot of eventful history in this industry including periods of rapid growth and prosperity, rapid technological change, federal regulation of prices and routes, entry and exits of firms, bankruptcies, rivalries, financial losses, and problems in safety and security. However, the industry had become one of the most important factors of today's transportation infrastructure. The table below displays how much the industry has grown over the years.

Table 7.1: Annual U.S. Passenger Enplanements by Scheduled Airlines, 1930-2004 (millions of persons)

Source: Air Transport Association, Annual Operations, Traffic and Capacity,...
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