Industry Analysis: Bowling Center

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My Bowling Center 1

Industry Analysis: My Bowling Center
Doug Glascoe
MGT 330 Management Organizations
Timothy Lucas
March 28, 2010

My Bowling Center 2

I have always had a desire to own my own Bowling Center. I did a lot of research and almost entered in this industry in 1988 with a business partner, but things did not go as planned. I still have a dream one day of owning my own center and when I retire from the Navy I will look into this business venture again. The bowling industry has entered a new era. Along with it, there are new and exciting business models that have revolutionized one of the oldest sports on earth. I will attempt to give you a brief description of my business model operating in today’s market.

My Bowling Center 3 Traditional bowling centers primarily focus on bowling, these center usually include a very limited number of entertainment venues. i.e.: pro shop, game room and a limited number of lanes. This kind of center usually has limited snack bar options and beverages play a strong role. My center would be more of the Family Entertainment Center. They are designed to provide entertainment in the form of bowling and other venues such as arcades, party rooms, billiards and game rooms. The food at Family Entertainment Center’s are enhanced to match the atmosphere and the beverage service plays a strong role. I believe that the general environment today will not have a negative impact on this business during the next three years. The demographics for this type of entertainment are not suited for any specific gender, race or age group. Since bowling has been around, people from all walks of life have participated in this form of entertainment. I actually believe that venues like this will grow and continue to provide a way of very efficient cost of wholesome entertainment for families....
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