Industrialized Building System

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Chapter 2.0 Literature Review


This Chapter focuses on the application of precast concrete structure, and Industrialized Building System. Furthermore classified the types of precast concrete structure and Industrialized Building System available in Malaysia construction industry. To study the differences on the conventional method and precast construction method and the advantages and disadvantages between them. Next it will be narrow down to the procedure of each type of precast concrete structure.

2.2 Definition of Industrialize Building System.

Industrialized building system is the term to represent the prefabrication concept in Malaysia, including the precast concrete is namely to be said as one of the industrialized building system. Industrialized building system has been introduced as a method with better productivity, quality and safety, this is to manage to create a better occurrence to the construction industry. However, to make revolution change to the construction industry is a global phenomenon and not merely to a local or isolated sector, the definition and classification of industrialized building system need to be evolve and integrated with global views and understand.

To date, there is no identical significant define on the term of Industrialized building system, it was defined as a construction system that is built using precast concrete structural. The manufacturing of the components is systematically done using machine, formworks and other forms of mechanical equipment. The components are manufactured offsite and once completed will be delivered to construction sites for assembly and erection (Rahman and Omar, 2006). Industrialized building system can be defined as a set of interrelated element that act together to enable the designated performance of the building. According to (Warszawski, 1999)

Industrialized building system also can be defined as a building system which involves industrialized production of building elements or components as well as erection and assembly of these elements into a desired building structure through mechanical means using as little in-situ construction as possible. The elements are thus precast of prefabricated either in an off-site factory or in an on-site casting yard (Trikha & Abang, 2004).

Futhermore, (Junid 1986) had expounded that an industrialized building system in the construction industry includes the industrialized process by which the system includes a balanced combination between the software and hardware system. Begin with the software elements it include system design, which is a complex process of studying the requirement of the end-user, market analysis, development of standardized components, establishment of manufacturing and assembly layout and process, allocation of resources and materials and definition of a building designer conceptual framework. The software systems provide a standard procedure to create the better environment for industrialization to develop.

On the other hand, the hardware systems are divine into three major group, these include frame or post and beam systems, panel system, and box system. The frame structures are defined as those structures that transmit the building loads through beams and girders to columns and to the ground whilst in panel systems, loads are transmit through large floor and wall panels. Meanwhile the box systems include those system that employ three – dimensional modules for fabrication of habitable which the internal stability is able of withstanding load from various directions.

Industrialize building system is a technique that uses pre-fabricated components or off-site installation, where project clients and developers can gain benefit from many ways. Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) of Malaysia has published a definition for Industrialize building system is a construction technique in which components are manufactured in a controlled...
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