Industrialization Speech

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Steam engine, Energy Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: February 1, 2013
State of the World Speech
Good evening. I am the Prime Minister of Great Britain. I am here today to address you all regarding the current “state of the world” in terms of industrialization.
Industrialization is defined as the development of industry of a massive scale. I would like to first start by explaining how industrialization came to be. Like many other movements seen throughout history, it can be traced directly back to agriculture. Advancements in agricultural techniques such as the use of large farms and fertilizer were both originated by the Dutch. Great Britain also led to advancements in the field by determining that different types of soil can foster different types of plants more effectively and that planting crops in specific orders can yield a greater result. The technology used in the field of agriculture also advanced. Jethro Tull of Great Britain invented the seed drill; a device that exponentially increased the speeds at which fields could be planted. Another new practice that increased farm productivity was the circulation of farm journals. Farmers now had the ability to learn about what techniques worked, meaning they no longer had to experiment on their own. All of these new methods and technologies used together meant that more food was produced, which caused a large population boom. This surplus of people needed jobs, which meant that there was a workforce available.

While technological advancements were plentiful in the field of agriculture, they were not limited to it. New forms of energy such as steam and coal allowed for new forms of transportation. Thomas Newcomen invented the original steam engine, which was later improved upon by James Watt. The process of smelting iron is improved upon by Abraham Darby. All of these advancements allowed industrialization to begin.

The effects of industrialization are truly a double edged sword. While there are positives, there are just as many negatives. However, those...
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