Industrialization of Chinese Economy and Protection of Environmental Resources

Topics: Greenhouse gas, Automobile, Proposal Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: February 10, 2013
The New Market Opportunity
Central Problem:
How can China pursue the industrialization of its economy without resorting into depleting the environmental resources? Areas for Consideration:

1. China saw the development of a new auto industry as a key step in its drive to industrialize its economy. 2. No matter how “pollution free” the new car design was, the cumulative environmental effects of that many more automobiles in the world would be formidable. Even clean cars would have to generate large amounts of carbon dioxide as they burned fuel, thus significantly worsening the greenhouse effect. 3. If China were to increase its oil consumption, it would have to import all its oil from the same countries that other nations relied on. 4. If China were to become a major trading partner with Iran or Iraq, this would also create closer ties between this two major power center of the non-western world----a possibility that was also laden with risk. Objective/s:

* to minimize pollution brought about by manufacturing cars that worsen the greenhouse effect

* to prevent oil price hike as a result of the increase of consumption of China; thereby tapping the oil reserves from the Middle East that increases the demand for oil

* to eliminate possible tension that would create large political, economic, and military risks associated with China and other countries Statement of Assumption/s:

1. Assuming that the alternative is to engage in banking, infrastructure and long-term investments. 2. Assuming that the Chinese government is focused on its primary ideal plan of industrializing its economy Alternative Courses of Action (ACA) and Evaluation

* propose for a water-powered car design that would suffice to the specifications given by the Chinese government Advantage/s:
a. zero-emissions as compared to carbon exhausts from the conventional gasoline powered cars b. vehicle's fuel consumption can reduce up to 50%
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