Industrialization in India

Topics: India, Mumbai, West Bengal Pages: 2 (420 words) Published: December 6, 2007
Collect statistics and evidence that shows that the India is industrializing.What does this information tell you about Industrialization? Imagine you live there, what is the effect on people's quality of life? India's annual GDP growth has been strong and steady at more than 6 percent over the past decade and accelerating to over 8 percent in recent years following wide-ranging structural reforms begun in 1991. Poverty rates have fallen from about 36 percent to 28 percent between 1993 and 2004. The Mumbai Urban Transport Project (MUTP)is Mumbai's biggest-ever comprehensive transport management plan. The project aims to strengthen institutional capacity, and supports the equitable resettlement and relocation of all those affected by the infrastructure works. This is the first attempt in India and the World Bank to resettle such a large number of people in an urban area. Flush with money from land sales, they are building their dream homes, buying fancy cars and throwing lavish wedding parties. Many of them are also buying land elsewhere, opening shops and small businesses. A few have started running fleets of cabs for all car centers around New Delhi. In the past year, the Bank has been working closely with the state government assisting them in developing an action plan for the revival of the Mumbai metropolitan area. The State is a participant in the Multi-State Agricultural Competitiveness Project under preparation, which focuses on linking farmers and rural areas to markets.

In 2002, UNICEF partnered with the government to develop a demonstration Cluster Storage system in five villages of Kachchh. The objective was to promote a model for equity in water supply both geographically as well as socially. It meant bringing water closer to all sections of the population in a village through decentralized storage and distribution. With a sigh of relief Meher Ben says, "Now the women do not have walk miles to fetch water." Over 5000...
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