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Andrea Vollmer
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Industrial Revolutions Essay
Industrial Revolutions occurred throughout the world roughly between 1750 and 1914. Beginning with Britain, it started to industrialize in the 1780s. By the 1890s, the idea of industrialization had spread to Russia. These two industrial revolutions were similar to an extent. They both set in motion their industrial revolutions with the steam-powered railroad. Also, the outcomes of industrializing caused major environmental effects. However, they were different from each other in the way that Russia initially produced heavy industry while Britain made consumer goods.

The Industrial Revolutions of Britain and Russia both focused on railroads. British railroads set off its industrial revolution. When James Watt created a more effective steam engine in 1765, who knew that this would become the center of railroads and more importantly Britain’s economy? These railroads were first used to transport raw materials, such as coal and iron ore, from the mines. Later on, railroads became available for public use in 1825. It was called the Stockton and Darlington Railroad. Similarly, Russia’s industrial revolution got going when the government built a railroad. Since Russia was still an empire, the tsar assembled a railroad to connect all the places inside the empire. The railroads were also constructed to allow Russians to indulge in their coal and iron deposits. The most popular railroad was the Trans-Siberian line, which linked Moscow and Vladivostok. Because of steam-engine railroads, the industrial revolutions of Britain and Russia began.

Whenever you have new technology, there are going to be some negative effects. For Russia and Britain, this negative effect was environmental due to their industrial revolutions. In these two places, fossil fuels replaced wind, water, wood, people, and animals as a source of energy. Because so many factories were being built and numerous machines required fossil...
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