Industrialization and Urbanization

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Southern United States, Trade union Pages: 2 (1053 words) Published: August 18, 2012
The effect of Industrialization and Urbanization on the average working American during 1865-1900| Sheree Barnett|
HIS105: Contemporary US HistoryProfessor A LewisStrayer University| |


Industrialization and urbanization played a major role in the economy during the period of 1865 to 1900. During this time Industrialization and urbanization was present in the north and gradually moved throughout the country. The affect this had on the average working American was more negative rather than positive. The negative effect brought political controversy resulting in riots, poor working conditions, child labor, death of workers, greed for the rich and immigrants also wanting to work and the positive effect was improving and developing the south. As industries, such as railroads and steel started to grow throughout the north, there was a greater need for workers. Not only did black people come from the south for these jobs, but Immigrants also started to come to the United States from other countries. Due to the growing population in the north, the factories were also over populated with workers including children. Whilst the factory population was growing, the factory owners were not concerned for their workers or the city’s welfare. Factories were unsanitary, noisy and smoky, due to these conditions around 35,000 workers died on the assembly line within a twenty year time period (Shultz, 2012). With such working conditions and economic growth, there was a major change within the politics where it became corrupt and greed became prominent. Politicians focused more on businesses rather than the workers who actually contributed to business. If the businesses want to strive and be successful they could only rely on the politicians. These were the people in power to help them and they did so by offering ‘favors’ or ‘bribes’ to essentially to “turn the other cheek”. To receive such things like tax relief, land grants or other such favors,...
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