Industrialization and the Conformity of Man

Topics: Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk, Novel Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: May 9, 2012
‘Industrialization and the conformity of man’
* fractured prose -
The emasculation of authority figures as a retribution for his own perceived castration. Or inadequacies anyway. See in reverse the transformation of Robert Paulson, from inadequate and sexually ambiguous to martyr of project mayhem. The house he occupies with Tyler on Paper street, a crumbling death trap, perhaps symbolic of the character's fragile mental condition. Perhaps it represents Tyler's ascension to control of their shared existence. His insomnia, a representation of the character's inability to accept the world as it is, an inability to rest. Only after visiting the support groups does he 'sleep'. An act then that seems morally dubious, lying to the sick and dying to fulfill his needs, is arguably the driving force behind his construction of Tyler Durden, a catalyst and avatar of change. In the entire novel, Tyler Durden shapes the narrator. Durden discusses his views about the world (“you must hit bottom in order to be successful”) and implicitly makes the narrator stronger. At the end, the narrator becomes strong enough to kill off Tyler Durden himself. The whole question worked so well because the entire novel was about Durden as the mentor and views about the world. Fight Club's success is more than just well written content- it was a book and movie geared towards younger men. Books such as "Little Women" and other women-themed movies were plentiful- but the same could not be said for male content Palahniuk's Fight Club is told from the first-person view of the narrator. All conversations and events are told through his eyes from his recollection of events. This is a fractured narrative, however, and the narrator is unreliable, as he is secretly both himself and Tyler Durden. The clash between the narrator and Tyler's personalities bleeds over into the story, making it difficult to entangle which of the narrator's thoughts are truly his own. This eventually comes...
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