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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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The main important changes which take place in industrialization are undoubtedly social and economic change. Industrialization brings changes and revolutionizes human society in these regards. The process of modernization process are the main determinant of the social changes and economic advancement which takes place with respect to technological innovation, particularly the development of energy and metallurgy production immensely. Manufacturing is one of the major innovations and changes in the industrialization process. With the industrialization the way people to perceive life and nature value has changed immensely which widely impacted on the sociological process around the world. Key positive factors identified by researchers have ranged from favourable political-legal environments for industry and commerce, through abundant natural resources of various kinds, to plentiful supplies of relatively low-cost, skilled and adaptable labour. It is well known fact that industrialization started with the Industrial Revolution in the north-west and Midlands of England in the eighteenth century bringing manufacturing changes. Later during the nineteenth century it spreads around the Europe and North America. In the twentieth it spreads all around the world. Not always industrialization had positive but negative effects particularly on the life of the workers as it is connected to the process of modernization where overwhelming mass production of most goods take place. The workers had to cope with the hard conditions in the working places with the growing number of goods they had to produce in the process of mass production. It has to be noted that the growth of the offer rather than demand caused imbalance in the production system. Also, particular changes took place in mining and the forging of iron. This was one of the significant areas of industrialization throughout in Eastern Europe. It was a key area where industrialization grows wider as and consequently...
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