Industrial Training

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I would like to acknowledge and express gratitude to the following people for their support and assistance throughout the 12 weeks internship period. Firstly, I would like to personally thank Mr. Tan Kin Wah, my direct supervisor from my intern company CTI Resources for his dedication and support during the internship, and also his full trust allowing me to take up a project by myself. As a supervisor he willingly taught me everything without any holdback for me to complete the assigned project efficiently, and also my senior manager Ms.Tan Yee Yong for providing briefings and also training during my first 2 weeks. From the same company, I would also like to thank my colleagues and seniors for not only being my brave partner on the field providing all the support I most needed even at difficult times, and also their kindness and friendliness allowing a newcomer like me adapt to the new environment very quickly. From my faculty, Faculty of Engineering from Multimedia University I would also like to thank my lecturer Mr.Hairi for his effort in helping to start and end internship effectively, for whom I will not even able to start my internship without his assistance. A special thanks also goes to my visiting lecturer Dr.Goh Vik Tor for his much appreciated evaluation visit, which is carried out willingly even on a rainy day. Last but not least, I would like to thank Multimedia University for providing this subject EPT4066 Industrial Training as part of the course, giving me the great opportunity to experience the real world working environment.

Constructions of a manufacturing plant or factory have always been a uncertainty to most of us consumers, but for an engineer employee in CTI Resources it is their job to assist if not start up the plant. CTI Resources mostly deal with the SCADA System of a plant, a computer system used to control, monitor and gather data of a process. Throughout my whole internship, I helped to...
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