Industrial Tour Report

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The Role of local people in tourism industry
Case study: Saintmartin

Submitted To:
Mrs. Tunazzina Sultana
Associate Professor
Marketing Studies & International Marketing
University of Chittagong.

Submitted By:
Sakila Islam-2005/100
Tushar Biswas-2005/62
Md. Sajjadul Islam-2005/74
Mohammad Zakaria-2005/8
Rajon Kumar Datta-2005/44
Mst. Muzvi Akter Shefa-2005/81
Rakib Uddin Mohammad Shaker-2005\25
BBA (4th year)
Session- 2004-2005
Marketing Studies & International Marketing.
University of Chittagong.


January 26, 2010

Tunazzina Sultana
Associate professor,
Department of Marketing Studies and International Marketing, University of Chittagong.

Subject: Submission of Industrial Tour Report

Dear Madam,

It is pleasure on our part to submit our industrial tour report on “The Role of local people in tourism industry, Case study: Saintmartin”-- as a part of our BBA final examination. Though it is a new experience, we have tried our level best to gather information through direct visit and interviewing relevant authorities and to translate our knowledge into writing this report. Without sincere cooperation and proper guidance of you it was not possible for us to prepare this report. For this act of kindness we are grateful to you. our all effort will be succeeded only if it could satisfy you. We sincerely hope this report will receive your approval. Your kind consideration might help us a lot.

Sincerely yours,

Sakila Islam
Tushar Biswas
Rajon Kumar Datta
Md. Sajjadul Islam
Mohammad Zakaria
Mst. Muzvi Akter Shefa
Rakib Uddin Mohammad Shaker
B.B.A (4th Year)
Marketing Studies & International Marketing.
Session: 2004-2005
University of Chittagong.


We have the immense pleasure & satisfaction in presenting the industrial tour report, which is the end product of termination of our tour at tourist spots (Saint Martin) of Bangladesh. The achievement of this report depends on the contribution of many people, especially those who spared time to share their mind full art of judging of merits, faults & suggestions.

First of all, we should like to express our heartiest gratitude to our honorable teacher & industrial tour supervisor Tunazzina Sultana, Chittagong University.

We are also thankful to our tour operator Keari travels and the people who helped us to make the tour a successful one. We were enriched by their kind co-operation.

We are also grateful to our teachers who attended the tour and helped us all through the way be their company and motivational lessons.

Executive Summary
The tourism industry in Bangladesh has embarked on growing in the mid-late 1990s assisted by the country's increased exposure in trade and relatively stable political environment. But the industry never came across satisfactory level of growth due to lack of proper initiatives by the past governments. Though tourism facilities are a bit better than the previous 5 years, the pace of development of facilities is not up to the mark. The private sector investment in to tourism industry is also very meager.

At present, Bangladesh is going ahead in an effort to diversify its economy from traditional manufacturing to service sector. The Industrial Policy of 1999 included tourism as an industry and identified it as a 'Thrust Sector' considering its steady growth and sustainable development. In the National Tourism Policy 1992, tourism's contribution to the economic growth of the country has been recognized.

The major objectives of the study are to determine what should be our strategies, where we like to reach by 2020. The study also aims to identify major problems of the tourism industry in Bangladesh. It examines in brief the existing impediments of tourism promotion and possible ways to overcome these for a satisfactory level of tourism growth. It looks...
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